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Blog 3

BLOG 3 PARUKU 4-9 April 2011

The final day at Mulan I managed a few hours drawing Jim Bowler and Mike Smith’s geological/ archaeological dig on Parnkupirti Creek and was joined later by Steve, Guy and Kim who explained things a bit. We were impressed by the site showing the great antiquity of the lake and its inhabitants.

Archaeological site

In the afternoon, Kim gave the Culture lesson at the Mulan primary school, which came to a standstill while she rolled out the many maps she has painted with the community. The school kids are all keen to do a joint map when we return with Kim, and also small painting and sculpture projects with Faye and me.  Les Coyle, the headmaster, was very pleased about our involvement and has offered to help in any way. The teachers were all great and most interested and we had longer discussions that evening in our donga with Issie, a teacher and Brian, an IT specialist who have also agreed to help facilitate things for us.

School kids with maps

We visited the lake in the afternoon so I could finish a drawing started earlier in the morning while Guy and Steve looked to see if the cormorants were nesting yet on the creek. We saw horses grazing happily on the water’s edge near Handover site, which will make a beautiful camp for us all in August.

Lake edge near creek

The trip home was much easier than the trip out and despite the usual dramas of assisting Yuendumu people who had run out of fuel and so on, we managed possibly one of the longest long distance editors’ meetings ever held in terms of kilometres travelled, while driving 12 hours back to Alice. In that time Steve, Kim and I nutted out many issues and were pleased as we picked up email reception to hear from John Carty that he has agreed to join us as an editor also. John was a curator, editor, anthropologist and driving force behind the Canning Stock Route exhibition and catalogue at the National Museum of Australia 2011.

Tanami road

Mandy Martin May 2011