Paruku, Desert Lake

Desert Lake Blog 12. The Paruku Print Project

Fire burning. Screenprint. Megan Doreen Boxer. Photo Basil Hall


In December 2011 Mandy Martin and Basil Hall printed 65 acetates, painted and drawn by 20 Desert Lake artists, scientists and others, during the August trip to Paruku.

We printed at Basil Hall Editions in Darwin, bracketed at one end by a typhoon and terminated at the other, as the power failed and water poured through the ceiling, by a cyclone! In January Clinton printed another 4 prints and is, just as I write, finishing the last prints. The Desert Lake boxed folio will contain a set of 10 screenprints and a printed Frontispiece. Works in progress can be seen pinned on the wall in the background of the workshop photo.

Each acetate was transferred to a silkscreen and then printed in the colour of the original acetate, thus creating an accurate sequence of colours, like Megan Doreen Boxer’s “Fire Burning” 6 colour print below.

Mandy Martin February 2012