Mandy Martin's Next Exhibition - Playing with fire

NOW OPEN at Australian Galleries (Roylston Street)MARTIN_EVITE_RS14_proof2 BUMM 2014 Conversations about the Night Parrot at Whistling Duck Creek. Installation shot Alexander Boynes 2014RNING DOWN THE HOUSE Human beings, even those who aren’t pyromaniacs, like to burn stuff. Straw effigies, old buildings, harvested fields, scraps of paper.We even put burning weeds in our mouths in order to strike up a flame, host a glowing ember within inches of our faces, and inhale the smoke.These behaviors are not entirely irrational. Burning a piece of meat allows us to extract more caloric value from it and may have helped increase the size of the human brain over evolutionary timescales.And burning land has been used by us as a hunting and farming tool for a very long time, indeed. One of the places that has helped us understand the role of burning in ecology—human social ecology as well as land management—is Australia. Which is one reason why Mandy Martin has been playing with fire for years....Click here to continue reading more from William L. Fox (Director, Center for Art + Environment Nevada Museum of Art 2014)   MARTIN_PR_RS14_proof2 SNEAK PEAK