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Literature in the Arid Zone

Tom Lynch has posted his chapter on Literature in the Arid Zone  (from the Cranston and Zeller book that is hard to get) online - it may be of interest to you.


Strata: Deserts Past Present and Future. An Environmental Art Project About a Significant Place.

Martin, M., Robin, L., Smith, M.,Strata: Deserts Past Present and Future July 2005 Goanna Press, Canberra

This book is about diverse kinds of knowledge and ways of knowing place. Indigenous knowledge depends on country- country is the context for knowledge and the place where knowledge is significant. Western science, by contrast, typically differentiates between the knowing and the place- in many cases, it seeks knowledge systems, Indigenous, scientific and artistic - and by locating them in a common place we seek co- understanding, for valuing the different ways each of us sees a single place that is significant, but differently so, for each perspective.

There was an exhibition of art works from all the artists associated with Strata, curated by Tim Rollason, Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs, 18-24 July 2005.

Visit Fenner School of Environment and Society to read and download the publication.