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Mandy speaks at The Nevada Museum of Art, Art & Environment Conference 2014

Art & Environment Conference

Mandy, along with other members of the the Paruku team will be speaking at The Nevada Museum of Art, Art & Environment Conference, Reno - Nevada Museum of Art - October 9th -11th 2014 More about the Art & Environment Conference can be found here

Coinciding with the conference The Paruku Project Exhibition continues at the Nevada Museum of Arts


June 21st 2014 - December 7th 2014, Navada Museum of Art

The Paruku Project was a two-year effort consisting of teams of scientists, artists, and writers working in this Aboriginal desert community, one of the poorest and most remote in Australia. The first task of the teams was to assess current conditions. They found an environment severely stressed by invasive species and a culture slowly losing its identity. The second task was to design and implement cross-cultural and transformational responses to these conditions, many of which involved artmaking.

Australian artist Mandy Martin and conservationist Guy Fitzhardinge, along with writer and artist Kim Mahood, worked with Walmajari people to revitalize the art center in Mulan, which in turn helped attract attention and funding from policy makers to address challenges facing the region  Click here to continue reading & for exhibition details