Paruku, Desert Lake

Blog 9 The Paruku Project 4-22 August 2011

Final crew

Blog 9 The Paruku Project Breakfast campfire. Photo David Leece

Paruku mob around campfire Handover site. Photo David Leece

Wednesday we farewelled Basil from camp then David Taylor took Bill Fox, David Leece and Kim Mahood for a fly over the lake and Sturt Creek. Kim apparently was very excited seeing the island in the middle of the lake and the salt pans from the air, a long held dream for her.

David Taylor and Guy then flew Basil on to Broome to connect with his flight to Perth and eventually Canberra. They saw some pretty amazing country from the air but missed a big day on the ground at Paruku.

Kim had prepared a 5 panel canvas with a projected image of the section of Parnkupirti Creek where an archaeological exploration had unearthed an ancient stone core in 2008. We all assembled with the Walmajarri artists at the archaeology site where after some initial excitement because the rangers had just killed a death adder, and had set fire to the spnifex all around us, we settled down into long discussion about who should paint the canvases. It was decided it was a men’s painting and all the men trooped off with the canvases and art materials down the gully, leaving all the women to discuss skin groups and have a cup of tea. We all then headed back to our respective studio spots to paint in the cool, for the day. The men returned after a huge day, much later on. Work continued for the next day at the site and then late into the night before we left.

The Rangers and all the visiting men witnessing the Parnkupirti painting.

Photo John Carty