Paruku, Desert Lake

Blog 7 The Paruku Project 4-22 August 2011

Blog 7 The Paruku Project Friday was another big day, much anticipated because some new comers to our group were rendezvousing in Alice Springs to fly to Mulan. David Taylor had returned from Spain to his own Cessna, parked while he was away, in Alice Springs and he had to find John Carty from Canberra and Basil Hall from Darwin. Basil, not knowing John, had the brainwave of buying a cheap pad and pen from the newsagent and standing at the arrivals door with a note paging John Carty.. a big moment in John’s life… we were much relieved to see their plane arrive on the dirt strip, within 5 minutes of David Taylor’s ETA that afternoon, with everyone on board.

Being a slave driver, everyone responded to my call to work on the weekend including the Warruyanta artists who had all agreed to come in to work with Basil making acetates, some from their canvases, completed during the week for a large and exciting print project.

John Carty also threw himself straight into work, recording oral histories and stories arising from the history paintings and generally cataloguing and curating the art collection with Bill Fox as it grew over the following week.

Having John and Basil at the art centre gave David Leece and me more time to focus on our own painting which had been suffering due to the heavy program, so we were able to spend longer uninterrupted hours painting in locations near the lake. Hanson Pye and the rangers dropped by the camp regularly to see the works progressing and we also took the canvases into the art centre a few times so everyone could see how we were tackling their Country. Hanson named my 5 works “Falling Star” after the place on the lake, where all the dead trees point straight up after the star fell into the middle of the lake. We have agreed to swap a painting with each other next year, he was very taken with mine and wanted to hang one of the 5 panel studies on his wall at home he said.