Paruku, Desert Lake

Blog 10 The Paruku Project 4-22 August 2011

Blog 10 The Paruku Project Thursday we had our wrap up day with the community and it started with more painting at the archaeology site for the men.

Guy took our visitors to see some of the horse damage and also the huge colony of brolgas feeding at the south end of the lake. He then had a meeting with some of the local people to find out what plans were in place to deal with the horses.

Kim and the visitors then went to the school for more work on the mapping project with the older kids while all hands were on deck finishing artwork and acetates at the art centre.

Events were held up for quite a while in early afternoon by a brown snake crawling into the underbody of the Store manager’s vehicle, bringing everyone to standstill while suggestions were made about how to get the snake out. The snake after a dosing with the hose wasn’t budging but eventually dropped out and was dispatched of course!

Warruyanta Art Centre, Mandy finishing studies, David taylor downloading film and photos, John Carty and Bill Fox cataloging artworks. Photo David Leece

Preparing for show and tell, Mandy finishing studies, David Taylor downloading photos, John and Bill finishing exhibition spreadsheet and catalogue of works. Photo David Leece

The afternoon concluded with the beautiful Pelican Dreaming Dance lead by Hanson Pye, Bill and Bessie Doonday and Chamia Samuels singing the narrative with a microphone. It was a stunning and wonderful way to finish our working trip to Paruku. Everyone then processed around the art centre and gymnasium to look at the art work. There were warm farewells and promises to return for a final week’s work in April when all the art works and ranger work is more evolved.

A mad wrapping session then happened so that we could take as many finished works as possible to show to curators and for safe keeping for exhibitions. I have never had such a highly qualified team of art wrappers, for which I was really grateful. This was followed the following morning by a mad packing session as we left camp and started our long respective trips home.