Willow Yellow 2016

Mandy Martin + Alexander Boynes + Willow Yellow (Still) 2016

Mandy Martin + Alexander Boynes + Willow Yellow (Still) 2016

Alexander Boynes and Mandy Martin

Alexander Boynes and Mandy Martin created Willow Yellow in 2016 for Call + Response, Orange Regional Gallery 26 March – 12 June. Several artists were invited to create works which responded to another artwork in the gallery collection and Mandy and Alexander chose Brett Whiteley’s Willow at Carcoar. The exhibition showcases the newly created works alongside the original.  

Pot holed roads winding through bleached yellow hills and random encounters with kangaroos, wombats popping out of burrows, blue wrens, huge boulders and looming fence posts are all part of the vocabulary Brett Whiteley lyrically invented in his Central West landscapes. Strewn around the creeks are his emblematic Autumnal willows which are quintessential Whiteley and Central West. Willow Yellow responds to the call of Willow at Carcoar speculating on how Brett might “paint” this landscape now if he were still here.

As homage but also to pose questions about how this landscape has changed and how Brett’s pop vision may have adapted to current times, our willow is fluorescent yellow and explodes like an incendiary every few minutes. It perches Delft- like on a waste rock heap over Cadia Gold Mine.

Mining, usually hidden from view in the Central West, except from the air, has swept down the length of NSW on a scale unprecedented in earlier mining booms.  The waste rock heaps that build slowly towards the horizon line of the Canoblas Range can be clearly seen from Mandy’s studio. Alexander and Mandy visited the mine at the end of 2015 to research this collaborative work. It brings together painting, digital projection and temporal elements in a continuum, mimicking the work at the mine which continues 24 hours a day every day of the year, largely unseen and unheralded.

Mandy Martin is an artist who has held numerous exhibitions in Australia and internationally.  Her works are in many public and private collections including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and other state collections and regional galleries. In the USA she is represented in the Guggenheim Museum New York; the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, the Nevada Museum of Art, Reno and many private collections. 

She lives in the Central West of New South Wales, Australia.

She currently is an Adjunct Professor Fenner School of Environment and Society,

Australian National University.